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  1. I hope you figure out what the problem is!

    That's great, I'm really happy to hear that your troubles are over

    Life's good here. Just trying to spend as much with my girlfriend, family and friends as I can before I head back to the States for 9 months.

    Take it easy, my friend.
  2. Maybe try Google Chrome, though. It's much quicker!

    I'll try it, man. Not so sure how fast since it depends on a friend here to download these stuff so we can use them. My job has this weird little things since forever. I'm sure will fix it sooner. I miss this place and I miss posting here. How's life? Here everything is great. You're talking to a divorced man!
    See ya around!
  3. Hey Simon!

    Having some ups and downs, but at the end of the day I'm at home which is great. How is everything down your end?

    I called up the internet service I had, and it turned out there was something blocking the site from my apartment. They had to come and physically change some stuff to make it work.

    Maybe try Google Chrome, though. It's much quicker! You should use it anyway haha.

    Take it easy, my friend.
  4. Jack! : )

    How are you doing? Hope all is fine.

    One doubt; do you remember what you did back in the day you had that problem about posting here and stuff?
    Man ... I've already done whatever you'd imagine and nothing seems to work for me. : (

    BTW, I use the IE to visit/post this place.

    How's life? See you around.

    (many thanks in advance)
  5. Great to hear that all is well!
    I had a similar thing when I was in America.
    The site was blocked in my apartment until I reported it to the internet company.

    I'm pretty good.
    I'm back home now, which is great.
    But I've been a bit sick lately, and my knees keep getting setbacks which are a bummer.
  6. The laser saber battle - Damn!
    I laugh pretty hard right now! : D
  7. Jack! I'm doing fine, man. Thanks a lot of asking.
    The problem is ... the site was blocked for a while where I work and now I can't post over the Forums.
    I can post some pms like this one, but NOTHING as a reply. Pretty weird.

    How are you? Hope all is fine.

    See ya!
  8. What's up, bro?

    You haven't posted in a while.

    How are things?
  9. Thanks Simon, you too bro!
  10. Have a nice weekend, man!

    See ya!
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