Van Halen’s fourth album, released April, 1981. As the band headed into Sunset Sound to record this album, tensions in the band became apparent. Dave was spending more time apart from the others, and Eddie had spoken with several people including brother Alex about leaving the band. Al convinced him to stay in VH, and this record represents the darkest material the band has recorded to date. Eddie’s playing on this record is some of his best work, with fiery solos and heavy rhythm patterns. Fair Warning marks a definite change from the carefree lifestyle of the first three Van Halen records. Execs at Warner Bros. feared the album would be unsuccessful , since it did not sound commercial enough, nor did it have any definite “pop” tracks. Eddie also included more guitar overdubs than in any previous record.

Fair Warning did not achieve the commercial success of its three predecessors (it is the worst selling VH album), but it did receive critical acclaim. The album charted as high as #6 in US, #49 in the UK. The album was also devoid of a hit, as the only single released from he album ,”So This Is Love?” did not chart in the Top 40. Still this album is some of the best Van Halen material on record