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Death of a dictator
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    Cheers everyone !
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    May 2004

    Post Death of a dictator

    It happend people Saddam is dead.. read it here and look at the vids.....


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    David Lee Roth Bodyguard
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    Sep 2006
    Big mistake.... this is fuel.

    It makes us (democracy) out to be nothing but as barbaric as he was.

    I would rather he rotted in Jail - let whatever comes next (after-death) judge the bastard.

    I didn't like the way we don't see him actually hang - oh, that would be too dynamic.. wouldn't it.

    This is terrible. There will be trouble.

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    David Lee Roth Bodyguard
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    Sep 2006
    ... and do you know what sicken's me the most ?

    It's that I live in a world where it is presented to me on CNN.

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    No cheer******s allowed!
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    I agree with Ironica.
    The guy was the scum of the earth, but what are we proving?
    People were making jokes on the radio, but what it comes down to is a bunch of people playing God & hanging someone. Let him rot in jail, don't lower yourself to his level. It is barbaric.
    The sad thing is there will soon be another one to take his place & eventually the US will not be able to keep pace with all of their enemies.
    The US, by attempting to police the world, are only going to instigate more bloodshed & create many more problems.
    Only now is Bush & his cronies finally realizing the depth of the hole they have helped dig. The situation will only be more inflamed, i think.

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    Permanent vacation
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    Apr 2001
    Congratulations to George and Tony, they've finally succeeded in executing the leader of what was the most secular government in the middle east, and it's only cost what, 3000 American and 50,000 Iraqi lives to accomplish. That sure was worth it.

    Gotta agree with you on the media circus - I haven't dared look at FOX yet, but CNN has this huge, caps lock headline of 'DEATH OF A DICTATOR: Hussein hanged with 'fear in his face'.' It looks like they practically assembled a full section / special report about the damn thing. They act as if it's the climactic end to a hollywood film, except they've forgotten about original plotline concerning WMD's. It's as if the US media actually expects Saddam's execution to a lick of difference of difference in the war... the stuff of pure farce, just as the trial was. They should've just shot him and put his head on a post the next day after they found him in that foxhole, but no, they had to spin it into a circus for Western viewers...

    The bit from this whole tragic soap opera that killed me the most was when they presented George W. with Saddam's pistol as a trophy, after his capture. As if the chickenhawk had actually earned it as a prize in a duel. You can't even parody that sort of thing, as it's just such a surreal level of absurd...

    The Iranian government must be laughing its ass off at us right now... Saddam's execution is like the cherry on the cake for them, as they've been the only country so far to enjoy any benefits from this botched military adventure.
    "I am not one of those weak-spirited, sappy Americans who want to be liked by all the people around them. I donít care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it. My affections, being concentrated over a few people, are not spread all over Hell in a vile attempt to placate sulky, worthless shits."

    ~ William S. Burroughs

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    Only a little tardy
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    Sep 2006
    yeah!! saddamn insane is finally dead now for osama lama bean laden...where is that guy?

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    THEE bassist for VH
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    Oct 2003
    someplace you're not
    They're just now showing him on the news with a rope around his neck. They don't show him dropping thru though. Al Jazerra released this. They're almost as bad as our news stations.

    I wondered if they had shot him after finding him in the foxhole GF if that would have sufficed everybody. I don't know. The world needed proof of some kind.

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    David Lee Roth Bodyguard
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    Sep 2006
    Yeah... is he really dead ? .. You can already hear the conspiracy theorist's waxing on this one.

    I reckon he's sitting in an air-conditioned bunker sipping Martini's with Elvis Presley, Princess Diana & Adolf Hitler watching "Moon Landings - truth or fiction?" on the Discovery channell.

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    Mr Mod Extraordinare
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    The US captured him, they didn't hang him.

    I'm sure France, Russia, Germany and the UN are feeling really sad now.

    The scumbag sponsored terrorism--go ask the victims of his sponsored bombings if they're glad he's gone!! Don't forget all the people he's gassed, thrown into woodchippers, etc.

    I'm sick of this bullshit about "taking the higher ground"--it got America NOWHERE with the rest of the world. At least the rest of the world knows America is "willing to speak in a language the bad guys can easily understand!!!"

    Here's another site where they do show the actual hanging (just for IronicA)
    LIGHT 'EM UP!!
    Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

    siN / DDLR Moderator

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    David Lee Roth Bodyguard
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    Sep 2006
    NE !! It didn't link. I had "Hang Em High" cued up and everything !



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