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2007 Reunion tour dream setlist!
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    2007 Reunion tour dream setlist!

    What songs would you choose to complete the inevitable 2007 reunion?

    Here's mine (in order): Light up the sky
    Dance the night away
    Wolfie's short Bass interlude
    Runnin' with the Devil
    Hot for Teacher
    Drum Solo
    Hang 'em high
    Jamie's cryin'
    And the cradle will rock
    Little guitars
    Ed's solo
    Romeo Delight
    Ain't talkin' bout love
    Encore: Everybody want's some
    Somebody get me a doctor

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    Fucking hell! good post kidda.

    i'll have a think about this one.....

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    GREAT list Unchained ....but
    where are these songs gonna
    fit in ?

    On Fire
    Feel your love tonight
    You really got me
    Take your whiskey home
    Intruder/Pretty woman
    Atomic Punk
    and so on .......you get the picture

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    Very nice set list Unchained! They have so many killer songs that I wouldn't know where to begin -

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    NO bass solo, drum solo and only an abreviated guitar solo.
    1)On Fire, Romeo Delight or Light up the Sky(you just got to open with one of these)
    2)Hot for Teacher
    3)So this is Love
    4)Little guitars
    5)Automic Punk
    6)I'm The One
    7)Take Your Whiskey Home
    8)Hear About it Later
    10)Intruder (Ed and Al can draw this out)
    11)Pretty Woman
    12)Somebody Get Me a Doctor
    13)Ice Cream Man
    14)Running With The Devil (alghough this sound lame live)
    16)YRGM or ATBL
    17)Happy Trails

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    Hmm. Good question unchained! You have to keep in mind that the songs that you might want to hear now aren't necessarily going to sound the same as they did twenty five yrs. ago. Dave can't hit certain registers anymore and I don't expect him to either, although he has came along way since the S & D tour in '02. Kudos there. And I would really rather do without solos, as to keep the show tight and concise too. Maybe a little jam between Al and Ed on a certain song, but that's it. I wonder if adding Wolfie in there will kill any momentum of the show?

    Runnin' With The Devil
    The Full Bug
    Romeo Delight
    Hang 'Em High
    Everybody Wants Some
    Dance The Night Away
    Beautiful Girls
    Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    Ice Cream Man (with a DLR rap)
    Intruder/Pretty Woman
    Little Guitars

    ~~short break~~

    acoustic sit down with audience (perhaps sharing a story or two as well)

    Take Your Whiskey Home
    Could This Be Magic?
    In A Simple Rhyme

    ~~electric set again~~

    And The Cradle Will Rock
    So This Is Love?
    Hear About It Later
    Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
    Bottom's Up
    Eruption/You Really Got Me
    Happy Trails

    ...and all is right in sum's world for ever after!

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    Yes! Lets not forget about In a Simple Rhyme -

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    Just a thought. Since Mrs Hagar was in the band they played some of her solo stuff. Think they would play Yankee Rose and any Dave's solo stuff?

    My reunion tour dream is to see a reunion tour.
    Daniel (1994-2013)

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    i got an idea how bout the concert last like a couple days that way they do all the songs

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    Gotta start with Meanstreet or Outta Love to punch everyone right in the fuckin face. It will just be a blur after that cause the crowd will be crying and blown away all at the same time..lol...
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