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Vote for Eddie!!! Best rock guitarist MSNBC poll
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    Vote for Eddie!!! Best rock guitarist MSNBC poll

    Eddie was down at the 6% level early this morning. Look now.


    Vote for Eddie and let's pass Clapton.

    Clapton? please.

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    k i put in eddie but its 19-13

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    It was 21 -6 this morning so I have hope.


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    Wow I can't belive Eddie isn't past Clapton. Did Clapton do anything creative with the guitar?

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    Last time I saw the poll
    Clapton 19%
    EVH 14%

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    Ed got my vote!
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    I started a thread at DiamondDave and I might at EddieVanHalen's site. Hopefully Eddie can pass Clapton.

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    check it out eddie 16 % and clapton 18%


    even hendrix is down to 22

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    I never understood why Clapton is considered such a great guitarist. It must be a Baby Boomer thing. But on the whole, Clapton does sing. As did Hendrix and SRV. Being frontmen as well as guitarists, they probably have that advantage. But can you say Eddie is better than Clapton ... right now? Think about this when you vote. Was Clapton ever as sloppy onstage as Eddie was two years ago? I don't know myself; I wasn't yet alive when Clapton was big. And I didn't know how much into drugs he was, though I know he had alcohol issues of his own.

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    well there it is. there's some serious eddie fans out there tonite. he went from 6% to 18%. I couldn't stand to see Clapton ahead of Eddie. Bottom line is Hendrix and Eddie belong at the top.
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