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    Brown M&M

    12 year old girl plays "Eruption"

    Hey, I'm new to the board and wasn't sure where to put this, so here it goes.

    Yes, she is 12, and yes, she is a girl. It's from some Steve Vai side project that never took off. Enjoy!


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    Whether they are 45 or 9 years old , no one seems to move beyond that level of excepted inaccuracy when playing "Eruption" and this piece is no different. The thing that was nice about this clip was how relaxed yet precise her fret work was. Her transition between the machine gun part and the tapping was very cool! I enjoyed this clip, thanks for posting it!

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    Wolfie, is that you?
    I seeka boo boo lad lookin' for a moopee...

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    listen to it-dont watch it and you'll hear a lot of mistakes like everybody else does...however i wish i could play like that at 12...and that is a friggin boy?
    Its a tune every body improvs on and itll sound half way cool if you throw in some of the main parts...i wanna see people rip on dirty movies,sinners swing,push comes to shove,girl gone bad,drop dead legs,top jimmy-then maybe i wont snore...

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    Very very cool..... Not bad at all very impressed...
    Who da fuck are you??
    --sean van halen

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    I agree, i thought it was Wolfie also!
    EVERYONE plays freaking Eruption, and no one gets close to the original vibe of it (not even me!) This girl, though technically astounding for her age, just rushes through it and misses the BALLS of it! (not her fault, though).
    I'd like to see someone play the shred-fest that kicks in "Fools" after the bluesy intro, or someone tackling the brilliant "so this is love?" solo.
    Anything but Eruption!



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