ANTHRAX performed the first show of their "reunion" tour with Joey Belladonna on Friday night (April 29) at Harpo's in Detroit, Michigan. The group's setlist for the gig was as follows:

01. Blues Brothers Intro
02. Among the Living
03. Got the Time
04. Metal Thrashing Mad
05. Caught in a Mosh
06. AIR
07. Keep It in the Family
08. Antisocial
09. Indians
10. Armed and Dangerous
11. Deathrider
12. Medusa
13. Efilnikufesin (NFL)
14. Intro to Reality/Belly of the Beast
15. I Am the Law
16. Be All, End All
17. I'm the Man
18. Gung-ho

I've not really listened to this band much outside of a few mp3s... there's a bit of hype for this tour though, what do peoiple think?