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Thread: Babymetal

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    About a year ago, my co-worker whom was a hardcore metal guy, started raving about Babymetal
    from Japan.
    He kept saying it's really, really well done, despite the fact i thought the idea of J-pop meeting
    death metal, sounded ridiculous.

    Well, my co-worker is long gone, yet i'm hooked on this band like they are crack.
    I started with Doki-Doki morning, and couldn't turn back.
    It's actually really well written & executed by the girls.
    Their choreography is insane, and i don't know how they do it while singing.

    I've had their debut album on my ipod for a year now.
    Their new album hits in April.
    They come to Boston in May, but i'd feel like a creep going to a Babymetal show.
    Yet i really want to see them at the House of Blues.

    They play mega-arenas in Japan!

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