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    Ok guys this is an excerpt from an article during the 1984 tour credit goes to Malcolm Dome
    "It was Vancouver,May 1984,VH were in town.One of the biggest bands in the world,their commercial powers it would seem,having reached hitherto unchartered heights.Yet also a somewhat surprising turning point:not so much the trtiumph of a band as the dominance of an individual.It was here that i realised that VH could not go forward as they were,because DLR was casting a giant shadow over their future.
    I was in town to spend time with Krokus as they worked on their new album.I was on assignment for Kerrang!magazine which of itself meant there was a problem when the Krokus boys mentioned they were going to see VH on May 1 at the Pacific Coliseum.Why?Kerrang! had just published a gossipy,throwaway story of DLR's alledged antic's with Alex VH's wife on the latter's wedding night,and how Eddie VH had thought we'd been referring to shenanigans between Diamond Dave and his wife...the whole thing got messy,so we were prepared for a ward reception form the Halen's,too warm!
    We got to the show,i was stunned by 2 things:firstly the astonishing,hysterical reaction from 20,000 crazy Canadians.And,secondly,how VH live had become the DLR circus.
    On stage,Diamond Dave dominated,as the other band members sank into the background.Roth left everybody dumbfounded with his charisma,control,energy and nerve.It was as if we'd just seen a DLR solo performance.
    Heading backstage we were careful not to voice our opinions too vociferously for fear of upsetting the VH's and bassist Mike Anthony,the other band members,who that evening seemed to represent only about 20% of the whole.
    But if what had paraded on stage was effectively an ersatz band,that was nothing compared to the sight backstage.Roth had set up speakers in each corner of the room and was acting as MC,Dj barman and general bon viveur.Roth chose the music and was loudly demanding everyone's attention.
    Scantily clad young ladies flossed in and out of the room,if they were lucky they got a few precious seconds with Dave before being whisked off into a far flung corner.Jack Daniel's was being consumed at an alarming rate,and through it all Roth was doing what he doeas best,commandeering the spotlight.
    So far so good but this was far from a happy camp,Alex VH was nowhere to be seen.Mike Anthony made a 30 second appearance whilst Ed VH sat in a corner huddled over a drink whilst occasionally muttering to band manager Noel Monk.Was this really a band that had just taken the mainstream by the seat of its pants and gave it a severe rocking?
    After 45 minutes of watching the Roth in full flight,i walked over to Eddie and spoke to him briefly
    "Hi Eddie you must be happy with this evening's show?"
    "Great crowd reaction"
    "Interesting stage set"
    Shrug of the shoulders.
    "Are you coming over to the UK?"
    "Dunno.Depends on the 'walking ego'
    At this point Noel Monk jumped in well aware that the 'walkin ego' was aimed in Roth's direction and was anxious to deflect any damage.But Eddie's comment was the only time in this rather one-sided'chat' that the guitarist had been anything other than indifferent.Eddie made his excuses and left the party.
    Now here's where it gets a little conspiratorial.By now,Roth was the only one left to entertain the hangers-on,groupies and record company types.Presumably the other's had left the building?But no.Outside in the corridor that led out of the venue 4 limos were lined up,one for each member of VH,i'd surmised that as the cars were still there the other members of the band must still be on the premises.Where were they?And were they having a meeting about without DLR as they had reached the end of their tether with the singer?I don't know the answer but from Eddie's vibe Vancouver proved to be a turning point in the band's relationship with DLR.
    Did the vocalist care?Not a bit,he was back in the 'party zone' oblivious to any supposed cloak and dagger tactics"
    Excerpts taken from Classic Rock '04
    I'm no gynaecologist,but i'll have a look!

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    GOOD article, Stu!
    LIGHT 'EM UP!!
    Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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