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What is the worst album from Black Sabbath?
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    Born Again-it's a great album if you're not expecting too much with DP frontman Ian Gillan on vocals but it's kind of confusing with its Sabbath/Purple connection.

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    Hmm that's a tough one. I did see that tour here in Detroit, and I have to admit I never really liked that album much. I do love Ian Gillen too. That record and Never Say Die were stinkers in my opinion. I do love the song Never say Die, but the album itself flopped. Ozzy was out of his mind by then and it showed.

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    I didn't think Never Say Die was too bad, Technical Escatasy was worse IMHO.

    Anything without Ozzy or Dio I ignored all those years, bar Born Again which is pants (Brit slang for rubbish&#33
    I also had the misfortune to see that line-up headline Reading Festival

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    Gillan-era Sabbath is a guilty pleasure for me. I enjoyed the boots from that tour, when Ian can remember the words. He had the range of a banshee back then.

    As far as the worst Sabbath album goes though, it can only be Headless Cross.... total dungeons and dragons lameness with no memorable riffs. Cliched 80s metal at its worst.

    Those of you who are skipping the post-Dio albums are missing some great riffs.
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