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    Video footage of KISS giving a young cancer survivor the thrill of his life last when they paid him a surprise visit on his 10th birthday has been posted online.

    David Dingman-Grover and his parents were booked as guests on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", where they discussed the young boy's achievement of beating the odds to survive the removal of a cancerous brain tumor, which his family were told was inoperable.

    DeGeneres ended the interview by bringing out the youngster's favorite band, who gave him a signed guitar.

    KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley said, "This is so important for us to be a part of a miracle. People talk about we're past the age of miracles but here's proof David is a living miracle and we can all be a part of it."

    Check out the video of KISS' appearance on the show at http://ellen.warnerbros.com/galleries/video.html

    I think that's pretty cool. :184:

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    I wonder if the kid got a 10% discount on the KISS coffin when he dies!!

    But on Ellen??&#33; :blink: :unsure: <_<

    COUGH*oh, that&#39;s gay*
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    It&#39;s great to see another generation of Kiss fans since I&#39;m one of the original fans from the 70&#39;s & I hope this kid has a good life ahead of him.



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