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    Dear VH fans,

    Just checked out the show in Columbus, OH and it was phenomenal. I don't mean I enjoyed the 2 hours of Sammy but I must say VH is back in form.

    I have to admit that reading the reviews from newspapers and this board I was concerned about what I would be getting. And I must admit that Eddie was a little rusty. But, here's the thing that surprised me? He was only rusty on the Van Hagar songs not the old DLR/VH songs. I must say that Panama, Ain't Talking Bout Love, Somebody Get Me a Doctor sounded great and Eddie hit every note as if you were listening to the album. But he struggled big time on Humans Being, Best of Both Worlds and other songs.

    Overall, the stage was phenomenal, Alex was awesome on drums, Michael Anthony's bass solo rocked and Eddie was worshiped as the Guitar god that he is.

    So even though I know that it would have been better with Roth I truly appreciated the fact that most of the cheer and applause came from the old Classic VH stuff.

    I can't wait to see what happens? Wouldn't it be awesome if Roth returned?


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    :184: Glad to hear Eddie is sounding great. I am surprised to hear he is struggling on the Van Hagar tunes vs the classc stuff. I would think the "old" eddie licks would be harder to play now.

    Anyways...I'm glad you had a good time at the concert, I'm looking forward to the Chicago show on the 20th.

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    did you like the new franky style guitar?
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    im so glad to hear that they do the classic stuff the best cause im goin this sunday and i think the classic stuff rocks

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    Yeah, i might just be getting old, but to me, you can't beat the old stuff. Songs like, Love walks in, why can't this be love, feels so good, even the vintage dreams, are just classic. I know, i know, i'm a bit old school, but what can you do?



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