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    Quote Originally Posted by wimpyliberalbuster32 View Post
    Yes, but we supersede anything in your personal life. We're THAT important.
    Hahaha!......That you are, wimpy....You guys make me smile, and that's a good thing.
    remember....after the fire, after all the rain
    i will be the flame.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by unchainedguitars View Post
    WZLX played 'DOA' the other night, but preceded it with 'Spanish Fly.'

    I was reading a book, and literally had to stop, because 'Fly' STILL (after all these years) blows my mind.
    Just to hear that on the radio, in that moment, was like, "HOW does somebody come up with that AND execute it?"
    Hendrix wasn't even remotely on the same plane.
    I was at the market yesterday, and DOA played on the musak, but it was really VH, not some freaky instrumental version. And it wasn't the radio either.

    There I was, pushing my cart through the aisles, singing along w/Diamond Dave, people lookin' at me like I was some weirdo....did I care? Nope. I kept singin', big smile on my face, head bopping along to Alex's beat....
    remember....after the fire, after all the rain
    i will be the flame.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by unchainedguitars View Post
    Musically, "Dirty Movies" is loaded with texture & very interesting.
    You got Edward slammin' on both guitar & Bass, while Alex just has such a killer drum sound happening.
    It woulda been a great, great instrumental on it's own.
    It's funky, it's heavy, it's mean.

    But, lyrically, the song does kind of stumble.
    Dave sounds good, but the chorus & vocal melody seems kind of not quite on par with the musical end.

    I can see what you're sayin.'

    whoa...not sure I can agree with anything in this quoted post (haha) but everyone is entitled to their own opinion

    BUT...even though it's impossible to do (name your favorite #1 VH song).... I often point to DIRTY MOVIES as my all-time fav VH song ever.
    Musically it's insane and i have no problem with vocals or melodies. FW is the greatest album, of course.

    but I do love TJ too.



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