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    Back in the day...

    The members here used to discuss 'the vault' or the undiscovered treasures that may be out there related to Van Halen. It seems that I am running into these sort of things a little more frequently now. Perhaps people who used to be fans are finding them and having them transferred to new medium(s) or maybe they were just waiting for the right time or circumstance. I don't know that but I know that I enjoy seeing footage of the once mighty Van Halen. This one from Fresno Digital Restorations:

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=lemonchiffon][COLOR=Teal][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red][B][SIZE=2]The plot thickens...

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    Back in the day

    Im 61 and 190 with a 40 waist and barely fit under the steering wheel of my 70 Sport Custom.......were people alot thinner back in the day???Just a random thought............



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