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    It was bad enough walking around Best Buy and being bombarded with the new 'N STINK CD, but seeing a granny pictured on the CD cover, with some teeth missing?! Oh that was horrible!!

    But it wasn't over yet.

    I get back home, and I see the latest issue of Smoke magazine came in the mail today. You can imagine the disappointment I felt when I saw the toxic twins on the cover. I was also confused cause Steve Tyler had his hair styled more like a chick, and Joe Perry?!? WTF was he thinking with that hair? (click the link to see for yourself)

    I've had problems with Smoke about getting a free box of cigars that I won in their contest last winter, but this cover really takes the cake.

    Tyler goes on how he digs flavored cigars (I've tried some, but they're after-dinner smokes, not everyday smokes), and more bullshit on how he exhales through the nose--so he can taste the cigar/be the cigar. YOU DON'T EXHALE THROUGH THE NOSE!! The smoke's too noxious for that. I've done that only as a goof, like doing an impression of a bull snorting!

    Even my wife, who makes me smoke outside, and who doesn't have the same musical tastes I do, was looking at the cover this morning. She was trying to recall where she heard about them--I told her they were at the Super Bowl--they used to be a good band, but now they sing cheesy songs.

    She then asked "Are they fags?" (swear to God)

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    I think Joe Perry is going for that Elvis look....and Steven Tyler...jeeeeeeez what is he trying to look like? A chick? If thats the case...he succeeded.

    There is one band on this earth that I can't stand and that is Aerosmith. I never even remotely liked them.

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    I saw Aeroshit once, that was all it took to never go back. They suck live. July 24th on the other hand was a great day for me in 1995, My last child was born then.This year I spent the day at Chucky Cheese spoiling her rotten,hehe. And the highlight of her Birthday? I bought her a drumset to accompany daddy when I rehearse at home, she will be awsome if she keeps the interest...



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