Unchainedguitars is dead.
Long live, Japeape!

But do any of the old posters still check in with our beloved, CVH.Com?

I would love to hear any updates in your lives, since it's been so long.

Here's mine:

1. I'm now at the Links (Jape-ape), and happy to report it's a well run site by
a moderator that has a lot of patience (Brett).

2. Skittles (little miss L.) and i have been together for just over a year now,
though my sense of time is seriously fucked.
Getting ready to co-habit a, most likely, over-priced apartment in a bad neighborhood.

3. I was laid off after ten years of loyal service.

4. We recently moved my dad into a community living type complex, for his own safety.
We sold the family home, which was loaded with all of my classic VH memories.

5. I'm thinking of doing the cliched, middle aged thing, after losing my job:
Going back to school or taking courses.