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    Caught the show last night...

    Caught the show here last night in London ON, maybe 8-10,000?
    Awesome fun show. We got pretty close for some good pics.
    The standouts were Ed's mood, really happy and jovial with Dave and the crowd.
    Very responsive with the fans.

    Lots of smiles from all of them. A friend of a friend meet Ed downtown roaming the streets.
    He stopped and took a pic with his son.

    The background vocals were stellar especially FYLT and Simple Rhyme and of course a ton of others.

    Very cool to hear Dirty Movies, Drop Dead Legs, Women in Love, Light Up The Sky etc.

    Dave's voice was shot by the end.

    Fuck were they tight, monster rock machine. Still wasn't a fan of Ed's tone, still not quite as organic as it should be
    especially compared to the opener, Kenny Wayne Sheppard. Different genre but he had some great tone going,
    good playing, cool non-pretentious band. His tone seems fine for chords and riffs but not so much for
    the single notes, especially high up on the neck. I find that to be the problem with a lot of amps, good
    for chords/riffs but not for higher notes or vice versa.

    It was a very Van Halen week here, radio stations playing VH nonstop, Ed sightings, tour busses,
    complaints (not really )....https://www.reddit.com/r/londonontar...halen_concert/

    The only downside were the $9 tall beers...so I drank $7 Jack Daniels.


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    From the less than half of the show i experienced, i gotta agree about Ed's tone.

    To me, it still sounded kinda buzzy & processed, like in 2013.
    I was also hoping for the upcoming organic tone, of this new amp.
    He played extremely well, though.

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    Wow! Some great pics! Thanks for sharing.

    I agree about the tone. It's too buzzy. Maybe next tour he'll change it up.



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