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Opening Night Soundcheck Audio
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    Opening Night Soundcheck Audio

    Wow, the band sounds fucking great here. I'm not a big fan of the current Van Halen as is quite known, but wow this is on point.

    The fans sound geeky as hell, though.

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    Wouldn't you like to know?
    Thanks Jack!
    Ed's guitar sounds pretty great, his tone is way better this time around. My only complaint is that the low end gets lost on these recordings, so the band sounds thin. I'm thinking that I will go see them, they have bent my will.
    It can't be "Van Halen" without Roth, any more than it can be "Van Halen" without Eddie.

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    These recordings really are extraordinary.

    The three Van Halen's are actually playing as good, musically, as the vintage years.
    I never thought i'd ever say that, but they are nailing these rarities flawlessly.
    You can not find fault with any of this.
    And, yes, Ed's tone is excellent once again (gotta be the prototype of the upcoming amp).

    And Wolf is an absolute pro.
    He's right on top of every tune & killing it.
    Ed was right about that kid, because he's certainly got the skill & dedication.

    This is the result of some serious rehearsing.

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    I wouldn't be too hard on the nerdy fans... Probably could've been me during my peak VH fan years, especially during the high school period, LoL.

    They do sound tight. Glad Wolf talked his dad into dusting off a few gems, sounds like it gave Ed a real spark on this tour.
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    I thought the band was great on the 2012 tour, man, they are ten times better than that! Unbelievable how good they are now.
    ...and they're getting better as this tour goes on. If that's possible.

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    The cruel irony is that ticket sales are somewhat lackluster.

    A lot of fans are missing out on a renewed Van Halen, with a lot of fire.
    I'm not sure if the personalities involved will stick together or separate, post tour.
    Most likely the latter.

    Wolf has a solo record & i doubt Dave will be hanging around.
    Ed's got new gear upcoming...

    More reason to go see them!

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    I don't know. If they're supposed to pack it in after this tour, wouldn't it make more sense for them just to play the hits and coast through it?

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    The only way this is truly the end is if one of them gets a serious health issue. As PoP said, they're getting better as the tour goes.

    As far as Wolf's solo album, I'm looking forward to it with great curiosity. But, c'mon, there's very little chance it is going to sell big numbers, and I think it's pretty obvious that they are having a lot of fun playing on this tour. As long as the three old guys can still keep it up, VH will keep chugging along.
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