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Vivian Campbell's cancer returns
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    Vivian Campbell's cancer returns

    Poor guy seems to be having a tough time of it.

    He underwent some aggressive treatments and was given a clear bill of health,
    but the cancer has returned.

    I was also reading that Tony Iommi was struggling recently, with his own battle.
    Both stories were in Classic Rock magazine.

    But there is some good news on Campbell's front:

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    That's frustrating to hear. Cancer is a bitch.

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    Hoping for the best.

    I wish they'd cure this fuckin' shit already. What a monumental day that will be. Hope I live to see it.

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    He was able to dodge radiation for now and will be joining the band in the next few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobrowncandie10 View Post
    He was able to dodge radiation for now and will be joining the band in the next few days.
    WHOA! I didn't know Vivian got cancer!

    It's good to know he's doing fine and just joined DL.

    Way to go, Vivian!
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    Vivian Campbells cancer returns

    Music legend David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer, his spokesman said early Monday. Bowie was 69.

    Breaking News reports.



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