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    New Banger Films Series Rock Icons

    A pointless observation: This is scheduled to come out only a week after the Sacha Guitry Eclipse set. Surely this has to be some kind of record, yes?

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    New Banger Films Series Rock Icons

    I like how the show and he himself doesnt shy away from the shameless exploitation of his physique every episode.

    They know exactly what they are doing and I am here for it

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    New Banger Films Series Rock Icons

    Early Fuller This will be a great set. I was kind of hoping the next set would be one of the non-director themed ones New Wave, maybe, but well get to those soon enough.

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    New Banger Films Series Rock Icons

    Its so strange to me that Pensées -- maybe the best work of Christian apology in the Western canon, and a truly brilliant tract that forshadows the best existentialist thought that would follow it -- is remembered for its most facially ridiculous argument.

    Has anyone seen any of these films who can speak to their quality?



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