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Wow this is horrible playing......Ace what happened?
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    Wow this is horrible playing......Ace what happened?

    Jeesh I know everyone declines as they get older as well as other issues but this is just downright embarrassing. Even the tapping around the 5:50 is horrible.

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    The skills have definitely eroded. That tapping part sounding like someone just learning to play. I suppose we can give him a slight pass on
    the tapping. He probably hasn't attempted it in years. All in all, Chris musta been feeling sad seeing his hero playing like that.

    Love Chris' guitar. Cool paint job.

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    Can't watch it now to see what's up I'm watching The Rolling Stones in Hampton DVD right now having a few beers copping a buzz but have been checking our a couple KISS FB pages regularly, " The Original KISS Crew " and " Two Sides Of The Coin " so I'm aware Ace is on tour now but haven't watched any YouTube footage yet.

    No idea why every.single.little.fucking.thing like this needs to have its own thread.

    Better to post everything in one nice long KISS thread or a separate Ace Frehley thread. Reason being a thread like this and countless others will only have three or four posts then it's gone can't find it again buried. Whereas if everything is all neatly organized in one thread you can see stuff you've missed before and it's always easy to find.

    Today; November 19th is a date that has been entrenched in my memory for ages. It's because on this day in 1979 I saw KISS for the first time live in 1979. My Dad took me. I'll never forget it. Was planning to make a nice well written post with my recollections and he ticket stub pictures and a story but not in the mood to type anything too long now.

    Oh yeah!!!! - Another thing I always forget to mention and want to find out more about.

    There was a YouTube clip of Ace in concert and he said something to the crowd about EVH ripping off his riff from " Cold Gin " for EVH's 1986 tune " Best Of Both Worlds " .

    I saw this clip before but can't easily find it when I look for it. Ace spoke to the audience and showed the similarities by playing the riffs of both songs.
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    Weird! Well, I'm NOT a fan of Ace, never was and never will be. I can dig his stuff while he was a Kiss member and that's it.
    Most of the time I think that Edward is/was right about Ace when he talked about the Star Man.
    Wolfgang Van Halen - "I love being a bass player. Its just me and Al a groove section. Just boom, boom, boom, and were good". GW
    Edward Van Halen - "What is next for Wolf is the next record and the next tour. Hes no different than I am. Music is his life. If he goes back to school, Ill probably go with him. GC



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