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Perfect post. All these supposed fans sound like selfish little children, not happy because the band isn't doing what they want. If they bring out something live, I'll buy it, I'll probably only watch it a handful of times, but I'll listen to it a hell of a lot. I'll still unwind after a weeks work by slinging a guitar over my shoulder, having a few beers and playing along to some VH tunes.
Yeah I don't get it. If the band really makes you that unhappy and petulant then, guess what? Nobody is forcing you to be a fan! The band doesn't owe us anything. They put out a product, put on live shows, and we can choose to buy into it or not. Seems as if some of these "fans" would really be happier if the band did absolutely nothing and retired for real. Of course, I believe with some of the douchebags out there, there is really a deep seeded resentment that Sam and Mike are still out of the band.