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    Ah yes thank you. I remember seeing those other pics before and would prove all real. Think we've discussed and proved it here somewhere along the line before. Haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrideofPasadena View Post
    Yeah, I think UG is right. Something you'd see the guys from Molly or 38 Special wear, back in the day.
    Def looks photo-shopped to me, man.

    Maybe Ed was bustin' out, "Flirtin' with disaster" in that one!
    Dave supplied the southern whistle.

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    Yeah, that one photo looks shopped. Not sure about the others. I know I've never seen them. I guess Ed was going thru some Page phase if real. It looks like a Page suit without the dragons.

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    Ed playing one of his Dean V on stage cool pic

    Looks like my Stage 1 fuel pump may have gone south. I have access to an original NOS Stage 1 pump in the original box for 120 or the TA Performance Stage 1 pump for 50. Anyone got anything to say about the TA pump for a 450-500 HP street build? good or bad.

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    Ed playing one of his Dean V on stage cool pic

    I understand Ray, you may need to wait awhile for that. Not sure many guys have made a back to back comparison that way. I guess your fuel pressure test revealed a problem with your current pump?



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