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MTV VH Outtakes 83 - 85 ???
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    MTV VH Outtakes 83 - 85 ???

    Not sure if this is new or not just noticed it now. Not many views since being uploaded a few months back.

    Most likely old news everybody's already seen but figured I'd post it anyways just in case not.

    Jump ahead to the 40 minute mark.

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    yeah the US Fest backstage stuff is pretty funny...

    I'm surprised they played as good as they did given they all were partying and smashed all day long.
    given the party factor... people should really be praising their US Fest performance...hahah --- and I hear the fresh new hit "Beat It" jamming in the background.
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    Yeah it's dynamite stuff.

    Good example of what was spoken about in the " Exuberant Zen " book from the " Tao Of Dave " chapter. How when questioned with certain serious questions he just goes off on a tangent. Too cool to bother with being serious.

    Funny his Mom was there too at the US Festival. I guess he hid his stuff outta site when she was in the room. Ha.



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