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    I predicted #5 last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLR 1973 View Post
    Ok here is what is going to happen...

    1. A moderator at VHLinks will announce that in an hours time, or at a certain EST, their webmaster is going to make an announcement
    2. Then the Linker's pre-announcement backslapping will start.
    3. The webmaster will announce that they raised all the money and that they are are saved.
    4. Then the Linker's post announcement backslapping will start.
    5. Members of ClassicVanHalen.com will queue up to announce that this was the only outcome there was going to be and they rightfully predicted it weeks ago.
    6. Janie Van Halen finds a begging letter/email from a VHLinks member in her inbox dated 2 days before the deadline.
    7. Jeff Hausman ignores the request he received to make the VHLinks funding drive a news story.
    8. Numbers 6 & 7 have actually happened.
    Quote Originally Posted by PrideofPasadena View Post
    I predicted #5 last year.
    Excellent, thanks POP!

    I can't be bothered to search their site to check if prediction number 1 happened, but everything else did.

    Regardless of whatever they claim to achieved, sending begging letters out just seems plain wrong.

    It reflects badly on the whole of the Van Halen online community.

    VHLinks need to set down some rules for their members and not sending out begging letters or emails needs to be one of them.

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    One thing i don't understand about that site, is the endless youtube video responses to even the most basic

    Someone will comment, "Okay, we just need a few dollars more..."

    Then you'll get twenty seven video responses with Pink Floyd doing, "Money."

    Regardless, with the countdown over and all that "suspense," i can finally ignore that place
    again, until next September!



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