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Four Horsemen Documentary
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    Four Horsemen Documentary

    Make some popcorn, sit back, relax....and prepare to get sick to your stomach.

    I'm interested in hearing your thoughts after watching this.....

    "I won't go down in history, but I will go down on your sister."
    -David Lee Roth-

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    Thanks Cowboy! Something everyone should watch.

    Every doc or show I've seen the past thirty years, it always comes down to the same main ingredient....GREED!. Until we fix our broken system we will be unable to progress as a society, as a planet. Corporations must be taken out of politics! And the misconception that is this hard or can't be dun is stupid. These are simple fixes, within government, that could be done today and everyone on the planet could prosper. And the rich would still be rich.
    But, the mentality of "more, more, more, grow, grow"...have to be changed as well. It's good to hear that this new generation of economist have a better grasp on fundamental principles.
    It's of course necessary to grow, but growth rates now are unreasonable and criminal at some levels. The Gold Standard provided enough growth for all to be rich. But, more, more, more....
    Look at the NFL. They're at 10 billion right now. They want 25 billion by 2025. Jeez guys....I think you're doing well. No need for that much growth.

    I've known most of this stuff for years, but it's amazing how many people don't. How many people don't understand what is happening to them. It is true, corporations and parts of government have turned people into sheep. They believe every piece of propaganda, every commercial, it's time to wake up!!
    I am thankful that the computer age is helping spread the knowledge to people who would otherwise remain ignorant. And optimistic because it's not so easy to hide these injustices as it once was, without the internet.

    Again, I remain optimistic because it can be fixed. These things are doable. And really, thinking it can't change is something I can't do. That would mean the end of the world pretty much. I have to think we won't let that happen. Not going to be in our lifetimes, and they're going to ride this gravy train as long as they can, but transformation has to occur this century. Like they said, by the end of the century resources will be dwindling. Water, new sources underwater, the Arctic, we can't be fighting over this stuff. We have to change!

    I just hope these kids today, and of the future leaders of tomorrow , can muster up some morality, some integrity, some freakin' common sense, and save us from ourselves...save this planet!

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    For some reason when I watch the video I seem to get sexually aroused. Weird I know right.

    I did see today that Burger King is moving to Canada or something along those lines. With a corporate tax rate of around 40% cant say I blame them.

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    This is just another bullshit corporation move. Buy a smaller, foreign company so you can combine them and move your headquarters to that country for a cheaper tax rate. Just more tax evasion. If you started here, and do most of your business here, you should be accountable like the rest of us. It's the right thing to do. The way they are crapping all over the country and the American people should be considered criminal, IMO.

    I think the Corporate tax rate is 35% here. But most are paying more like 15%. In many instances, don't pay any taxes...we pay them!!
    Tax reform is high on the list of major problems.



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