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    EVH Unchained striped series

    Well if your measure is based on the individual execution of single episodes, then wouldnt it be logical for you to accept some TAS episodes, like Yesteryear, and not others like The Ambergris Element?

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    EVH Unchained striped series

    I didnt know where to put this so I thought I should put it here as its TOS/TAS related. Does The Animated Series count in the Star Trek canon?

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    EVH Unchained striped series

    I know that in the eighties, Gene Roddenberry declared that the animated Trek show of the 70s was not real Trek, and didnt count. Does anyone know why exactly he wanted to get rid of it? What didnt he like about it?

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    EVH Unchained striped series

    I voted for it being canon. The only thing Im a little shaky on is the invention of the holodeck, which is shown in TAS, but the movies/TNG suggest it hadnt been developed at that stage.

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    EVH Unchained striped series

    I agree with both of you on this. The controversy over it is really only based on it being animation rather than live action, but I dont really think that matters.



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