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For the guitar geeks
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    For the guitar geeks

    Check out this guys youtube channel.

    There's plenty of Ed references along with others from the 80s like Yngwie, Vai, Nuno etc... It's really well done, a complete 1.5 hr series about their picking techniques.


    Here's his analysis of Vai's Crossroads "Intimidation lick" presented in a really entertaining way

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    That was really cool.......and that guy can flat out shred.
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    That guy makes excellent clips. And most of the people on this board know how anal I am about getting things correct and this guy does it right.

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    Jesus! Why isn't this guy in a band! Not only can he play but he's quite a detective, as well.

    To be able to play licks that fast, sometimes it makes you think...was that real?...how is that possible? Vai, and others like him have always amazed me!



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