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    WIP: "Little Guitars" LP replica

    This one is still a work-in-progress... I still need to correct the neck in regard to the dot markers (need to be replaced with trapezoid inlays) and get some better tuners- the stock ones SUCK! I'm also thinking about refinning the top in burgundy like Ed's. I'd prefer to do the lemonburst top, but that ugly green mineral streak above the tailpiece pretty much nixes that idea. OH... and I need to fill two of the vol/tone knob holes in the top. Ed's only had 1 vol, 1 tone.


    I did my take on "Little Guitars" with this one early tonight. This song never seems to get much love... in fact, the whole album doesn't...but I really like it. Anyway...check it out if ya like...

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    Such a great song and I love DD still.
    Sounds spot on.

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    "Little Guitars" remains one of my all time fave VH tunes, to this day.
    You did a great job, even dialing in that chorusy/watery effect, that Ed has going mixed with his
    brown sound.
    Also, the drum intro by Alex, for me, is definitive Alex Van Halen.
    He had his own signature sound, just like Eddie, in those days.

    In many ways, Diver Down is like the last classic VH record.
    There was a shift with 1984, musically & even visually.
    But Diver Down still retained a spontaneous, raw, off the cuff, feel to it.
    The original tunes on it, every single one, were great.
    Had they added "She's the woman" and "Big Trouble," it could have rivaled WACF, II
    and FW.

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    I agree....I tend to shy away from 1984 somewhat because to me it represents the beginning of the end....despite the fact that there's a lot of good material on it.

    Thanks for the kind words! I used an MXR Analog Chorus on that track. It does a pretty good job at mimicing Ed's chorused tone and the Eventide to some degree.



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