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    Quote Originally Posted by Incomudro View Post
    Therein lies the problem.

    Not everything is meant to be analyzed.
    Certainly not South Parks use of VH.
    Parker & Stone probably spent five seconds on deciding on the song and the bands depiction.

    Just have fun with something sometimes.
    Quote Originally Posted by rawkinrobbievh1 View Post
    "Music is supposed to be enjoyed ... not analyzed"

    Not exactly sure where I first read that quote , but I AM sure that it's perfectly stated .
    The main reason for a forum is to promote discussion and debate.

    If the only reason is to post videos, pics and links, then youtube, facebook and twitter are more suited.

    By posting anything in this forum a member must accept that discussion, debate, analysis and dissection are likely to follow.

    That is what is expected and that is what has occurred in this thread.

    Thanks to EVH_Erupted for being one of the first to notice Van Halen appearing in South Park and then inserting the video here on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLR 1973 View Post
    Profound statements , IMO .

    Van Halen's music and Stallone's "Rocky" movies have been inspirational to me over the years .
    "There's a little bit of Van Halen in everyone ..."
    "Who Dares , Wins ..."
    "Van Halen was never about the singer ..."

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    I came here today to see what you guys thought of the VH "appearance" on South Park and found an 8 page bitch fest about drawing the current version, but hearing the original line up. The show is set in modern times, so they should show the current version of the band. EVERYBODY knows ATBL. Period. NOBODY know any of the songs off of ADKOT. Period. So, if you are going to use VH as the band to rule for ten years have them "play" songs the general public knows. WOW!

    Say my name!



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