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    Exclamation Hello,Old friends (& new ones)

    m, I tried to post my pic in the right forum,It said I was FORBIDDEN! Should I be scared?Anyway here's what's been going on.....I got divorced,ass was cheating right in front of me!!!I am now living with my BF! He makes me laugh everyday! My son Michael Anthony,is !8,going to school for Welding,& works for UPS,they pay for your college,isn't that cool? He still knows everything though! I'm on FB my Name is Tina Volpe if you want to be friends.I started a group called "Where the FUCK is Michael Anthony?" the Bass player not my son. I noticed there was a page or groups on everyone but Mikey,and he deserves his Props!!! Come & see me,I am old now so don't freak!!Pics My son & I! Bye for now I'll be back!
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    PW!! Great to have you back. We missed you. Sorry about your divorce, I hope it all works out for you.

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    I love your signature , and nice pics btw .
    Good to have you back !
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    HelloOld friends new ones



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