So yesterday I recieve a e-mail from the VH Store telling me they now have the "officially licensed tee"1980 Invasion shirt now in stock due to a large request for this particular item.Back on July 27th I purchased the exact tee from the UK from a buy and sell website (no names please) for about $3.00 more then the VH Store is selling it for.I'm wondering if the store contracted the seller in the UK to sell the store this shirt because it's exactally the same.I've been looking for authentic concerts shirts but the price tag on them are HUGE so I settle on the replica's...The 1981 FW original VH concert shirt I was willing to pay up to $85.00 dollars for on said buy and sell website would always sell for way more. Finally I found a seller who sells the replica 1981 FW shirt for a mere $25.00 which includes shipping.


Shirt that is now on sale 390597572149_1.jpg