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Thread: Forum Upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckr1231 View Post
    Back off of me.

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    I'm still getting the spinning wheel icon , for almost every thread and post . It's actually coming up a lot and is staying for a longer amount time than usual .
    The site's load speed also seems to be lagging for me .

    Anyone else ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1234over View Post
    I didn't get fired, I quit!
    David Lee Roth quit. Mike was fired, (although I use the term 'fired' very loosely as Van Halen was not in a functional state at the time), but what about Sammy Hagar, did he quit? Was he fired?

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    Forum Upgrade

    We will be performing an upgrade of the forums software tonight 4/26/11 at 11pm ET. This should take less than an hour. The upgrade will apply fixes to behind the scenes functioning of the forum so the look and feel will remain the same.



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