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    Quote Originally Posted by unchainedguitars View Post
    Mostly, the latter!

    "Freeeeaaaaaaaak!!!!! Delete me!!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh!" LOL!
    Too bad i was away for you're whole "I'm banning myself" incident .
    We all got a good laugh out of that , Dipshit

    "Why did Rob delete me ?"
    "Take me off ignore , and we'll chat ... "
    "Tell JD to be more civil..."

    I'm done with you on here . Hope your creative writing hobby is more fruitful than your *ahem* guitar playing .
    I'll extent best wishes to a sad , sad human being ...
    "There's a little bit of Van Halen in everyone ..."
    "Who Dares , Wins ..."
    "Van Halen was never about the singer ..."

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    Please delete me

    I do not have the power to delete an account. Only ban or suspended. Neither of which will delete your account. Only the board admin can do that.

    He comes in about once a month.



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