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    Hey Everybody, Just wanted to shout out to y'all

    Just found this site and wanted to shout out to everybody. As far as a little VH info about me is I've been a fan since VH1 back in Feb. of '78 forward, no matter who's behind the mic (except for that bad dream bac in '98 or whenever it was). I'm just glad that VH is still rockin' on!

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    Welcome - have fun here!
    Wolfgang Van Halen - "I love being a bass player. Its just me and Al a groove section. Just boom, boom, boom, and were good". GW
    Edward Van Halen - "What is next for Wolf is the next record and the next tour. Hes no different than I am. Music is his life. If he goes back to school, Ill probably go with him. GC

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    Welcome aboard!!

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    Welcome to CVH !
    "There's a little bit of Van Halen in everyone ..."
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