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    Quote Originally Posted by rawkinrobbievh1 View Post
    it is a great thing to see Ed and Wolf out and about . the guys look well and Ed seems to be recovering on schedule . it's also neat to see him support Wolf for playing with Tremonti during the VH down time ...

    2013 will be another kick a** year for the Mighty VH !!!!!!
    Ahhhhhhh yes. Keep the positive!!! Beautiful.

    For me, it validates that Ed will support Wolfie in his endeavours...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jungle Drummer View Post
    Haha! Somehow I believe you could also handle an exciting VH 2013 too!
    I believe you are correct JD.

    Today, I say, bring it on!!! 2013- more VH (and Shinedown apparently are coming back to meeeeeeeeeeee). Perfect.



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