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Hello There Ladies & Gentleman !!!
Welcome to the ClassicVanHalen.com.
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    Cool Hello There Ladies & Gentleman !!!

    Bottoms up everybody !!!

    I love Van Halen too. My first time seeing them live was on April 2, 1981, at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver Canada, where I still live.

    I've browsed the VH websites since the late 90's, but never registered or posted on most sites until this year. Mainly because I now have an Android smartphone, and have free time in my job.

    I picked my sceen name years ago on the Diamond Dave site to download the cool bootlegs, but at the time didn't think to get involved with reading or posting on the threads. Now I'm older and have more free time, and sort of enjoy these boards.

    It looks like you have a really good one here, with much less bullshit and nonsense, from what I've seen so far this month. You all seem very cool to me and I have enjoyed reading your posts, as well as learning more about the beloved mighty VH. I've particularly enjoyed those recently posted old pictures, as I had never seen them before.

    My screen name does not mean that I am big, fat, or smoke a lot of big fatty's, it is just a name I picked years ago, and kept it along with my password, to make it simple for me to remember, as opposed to having different screen names and passwords for different sites, that I may forget if I'm away a while. You know what I mean.

    This past year has been like VH heaven to me. New album and tour, plus tons of new YouTube clips, has kept me very happy. It will be interesting to see what they do in Japan later this year. Hopefully something a little different. Looking forward to seeing Diamond Dave weilding a sword again.

    O.k., then , good to be here amongst you all.

    Stay Frosty.

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    Man, i envy you, seeing them at their peak, in 1981...

    Welcome aboard, i already like a lot of the things you have posted.
    You seem like a good fit here.

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    Welcome welcome welcome!

    A fellow Canadian and VH lover! Smile...

    So did you have the opportunity to see the ADKOT tour in May??

    I almost... and I do mean very close to almost... attempted to do three shows in a row this spring... Calgary, Edmonton and then Van. I missed the show that you likely attended.

    For some reason I don't wanna call you by your screen name.... ah well...


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    Starwood, WA or is it Gazzariville?
    Welcome aboard!
    "My favorite position for drumming was always a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. And checking out the women!"-Alex Van Halen

    Proud to be an ADKOT loving, Drum Thread starting CVH "bad apple" to counterpoint pompous, self centered egotism.

    Duct Tape:A Drummer's best friend!

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    Far, far away


    Welcome to CVH.com.

    Have fun!
    Wolfgang Van Halen - "I love being a bass player. Its just me and Al a groove section. Just boom, boom, boom, and were good". GW
    Edward Van Halen - "What is next for Wolf is the next record and the next tour. Hes no different than I am. Music is his life. If he goes back to school, Ill probably go with him. GC

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    Welcome to the site!!

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    Cool Thank You

    Thank you , it is very nice of all of you to welcome me, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    welcome to CVH !!!

    it's always nice to see a fellow Canadian on here . you seem like a true fan , and i look forward to hearing more from you !

    "There's a little bit of Van Halen in everyone ..."
    "Who Dares , Wins ..."
    "Van Halen was never about the singer ..."

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    Hello There Ladies Gentleman



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