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    Quote Originally Posted by DLR 1973 View Post
    The track, is Ripley Stereo, as I think it was called as a demo in 1983.

    It became known as Ripley as an outtake of 1984.

    It's named after the guitar that I believe allows you to determine where in the sonic spectrum the sound of each string is heard.

    Yes I like it, but come on, it never even made it on to 1984!

    Dave was never keen on singing 'Blood and Fire' live and given Eddie's involvement with the guitars production, if Dave had backed the Ripley Stereo track in 1983 it would have made it on to the album 1984.

    Ahhhh....but that's a demo of a different song though isn't it? What I mean is, Ripley doesn't have the same lyrics as Blood & Fire, does it? What makes a great song, for me, is when the lyrics complement the music---that magic moment when just the right words come and it all fits together precisely as it's meant to and everything falls into place. So...while Blood & Fire may have it's roots in Ripley, something about Ripley wasn't right and so it didn't make it onto the album.

    Push the Fast Forward button to now: the band's gone through all they've gone through, professionally and personally, and only now the right lyrics come. Ripley (the unfinished demo) has new life breathed into it, and it blossoms into this great new rockin' tune called Blood & Fire, and that's the one that makes it onto an album. Sometimes, that's how great music happens....it's not always One-Take-BAM!-Here's-A-Hit-Song. Sometimes things take time to flower into their full potential, and like many of the tunes on ADKOT, those are the ones worth waiting for....
    remember....after the fire, after all the rain
    i will be the flame.....

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    Took a month off from ADKOT, then went back and have been listening every week since.
    It's like a bag of Lays potato chips...ya can't have just one.Every time I play it I just end up listening too most of the record, if not the entire thing.Just can't listen too one song.

    As far as 'summer songs' on the record.I think Blood and Fire,Stay Frosty and Beats Workin' feel the most like summer.'Beats Workin',being the most summerish.I agree with,Nelah.The intro,the riff,the harmonies...it just screams summertime VH.



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