Heres the set list for the show i attended in tulsa....
Unchained | Runnin’ with the Devil | She’s the Woman | Romeo Delight | Tattoo | Everybody Wants Some | Somebody Get Me a Doctor | China Town | Hear About It Later | Oh Pretty Woman | Drum Solo | You Really Got Me | The Trouble with Never | Dance the Night Away | I’ll Wait | Hot For Teacher | Women in Love | Girl Gone Bad | Beautiful Girls | Ice Cream Man | Panama | Guitar Solo Featuring Eruption/Spanish Fly/Cathedral | Aint Talkin’ ‘Bout Love | Jump

The highlights of the show were women in love, girl gone bad and roths story about training his dogs was pretty cool.
Upon arriving to our upper level seats we were told by the seating attendent hed come see us in a min...i thought hmm wtf are we in trouble? getting kicked out? Anyways tho here he came and asked us to leave our seats and see the lady outside at the desk. She then asked to see our tics and asked if we wanted to upgrade at no charge and we were like geesh ya so she gave us 2 tics just barely above floor level which were much better then our original seats. This is the first time out of all the concerts ive attended since 79 that ive seen tics upgraded for no charge. There were some extra seats in this lower section that were unattended so im guessing they needed to fill them up.
Heres eds solo....altho ive seen much much better from him this was better then the 08 show.