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    Quote Originally Posted by Jungle Drummer View Post
    Let's see...the album's been out a month and the tour is three weeks in, and people have already convinced themselves that VH are dead. WTF? Why not enjoy the album and tour and have fun with it and we'll all see where the chips fall in a year or two.

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    When you over analyze anything it ruins the sweet taste of the hypothetical pie you should be enjoying.

    Who cares about what happens next when this has just begun?
    Enjoy the pie, people, let tomorrow come in its own time and see what happens.

    I could care less what motivated Ed to get out and play, he's out, and he's playing better than ever.
    If you have eyes and can see at all you should be able to see clearly that he is LOVING it. Val even said herself that he just wanted to get out and play with Wolfgang.
    He has nothing to prove, he owes nobody nothing, and he loves his son and he understands way more than Wolfie does that life is short. I have kids and I totally feel where Ed is coming from. It's awesome and I am damn happy for all of them.

    These guys did one major thing over the last few years, they matured into a group that seemingly can't be derailed this time.

    They are having fun together and they have healed the wounds that were so deep that in all reality we shouldn't be seeing and hearing any of this...I truly believe that.

    Screw the napkin, just enjoy the pie and the ride...

    Roth On!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallonmusic View Post
    So now its my turn to ruin the "Feel good movie of the year" here. Yea its great that Ed cares that much about his son and that this means a lot to him. No one would talk bad against it! BUT if Wolf is the only reason that Ed is doing this kind of takes some of the spark out of it dosent it? I mean If not for Wolf he wouldnt care about doing what he does best and or progressing on as a productive guitar player. And does that mean that he would stay in the VH Batcave while giving his career and his fans the cold shoulder forever? It kinda shows dosent it. Yea they sound great and we all love the new album, but need i say as always theres still more that they could be doing now? Why give it this much effort yet do little to promote it? I don't buy in to the lack of promotion as Ed only caring about taking his boy on a Million dollar road trip! But maybe its just me
    I'm not looking at it from a cynical standpoint myself. I think Wolf has invigorated Edward. It shows on album. It shows live. I see nothing disingenuous when I watch Edward peforming these days, nor do I hear anything phoned in on the record.

    I think Eddie's doing whatever he needs to do to stay clean and happy. If that means talking in the press a bit less, then I think that's the sacrifice we have to make as fans. Eddie has historically, in addition to doing some WONDERFUL interviews, been a bit of a fucking asshole too. Maybe if he's not in front of a camera or a reporter, he's not compelled to answer the questions he doesn't want to (surely jerks will bring up Sammy every five seconds or how things are with DLR). The less Ed says, perhaps, the better things are. It sucks for US, I realize...but it that's what's working for him, so be it.

    Neil Peart of Rush went through this, albeit through truly TRAGIC circumstances. His daughter was killed and less than a year later lost his wife to cancer. He's since given interviews, but to this very day he doesn't do meet-n-greets...doesn't do the before the show or backstage thing, even for the fans who have paid the big $$$ to meet the band. It does NOT include him. People both understand it AND it's become the ire of some fans, as it's seen as selfish, dismissive, etc. It's just not something he enjoys doing, so he doesn't...for his own sanity, for his own sake.

    I wonder these days if it's not the same for Edward. Either way, he seems happy and content, even if that means some sacrifice for us fans. I can live with that.

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    Which is why the topics about MA rejoining , are silly .
    Dead horse . done deal . Nostalgia , IMO .
    "There's a little bit of Van Halen in everyone ..."
    "Who Dares , Wins ..."
    "Van Halen was never about the singer ..."



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