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Starting a petition isn't they way to go about getting their attention.Dropping hints on twitter will work just as well.But honestly,I don't think it's really needed now...they know.
Contrary to believe,if a pristine Oakland show is released there isn't going to be a huge demand.Decades old concert films aren't going to fly off the shelf,no matter who's releasing them.They would be precious to us die hards but it wouldn't extend much further.Out of the 300 million people,probably less than 150,000 would buy this the first year of release.At this stage,It's not a money making thing it's a fan thing.

I wouldn't just say "release the Oakland show",they need to know everything needs releasing.
I agree here. There's a big group of die-hards that would be ecstatic to see a proper 1981 release. But still I can't see it selling more than 50k-75k units (if that). Concert DVDs don't sell like they used to (before YouTube was around). So yeah not a ton of money to be made. But on principle and what they owe the fans!

Also we've heard one of these shows (audio bootleg) from Oakland. I don't recall it being bad but will have to revisit. They were usually a little loaded and having fun. But still tight and killing it every night.