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Your ultimate Van Halen Mix
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    Your ultimate Van Halen Mix

    Ok VH fans. You have one 80 min CD. Time to make a mix of your fav. Classic VH songs. Which songs make the cut?? I try to have a good flow with my mixes as well as pick my fav songs. So here you go.

    1. 1984
    2. Jump
    3. So This is Love
    4. Everybody Wants some
    5. She's the Woman
    6. Dance the Night Away
    7. Ain't Talkn' 'Bout Love
    8. Romeo Delight
    9. Hot For Teacher
    10. Blood and Fire
    11. Unchained
    12. Feel Your Love Tonight
    13. Outta Love Again
    14. Mean Street
    15. China Town
    16. Panama
    17. Here About it Later
    18. Big Bad Bill
    19. The Full Bug
    20. Drop Dead Legs
    21. Outta Space

    Ok I may get some grief for 1984 and Jump but I start off all my classic VH mixes with those two. I still love Jump. Put's me in a great mood everytime! And I always thought that 1984 was a great mood setting opening.

    Tracks that got bumped becasue of the new album
    1. Bottoms Up
    2. Women in Love
    3. Beautiful Girls
    4. Sinner's Swing
    5. I'll Wait
    6. House of Pain

    Now I know Eruption is not on here but to have Eruption you have to have You Really Got Me and I just don't like that tune as much as the rest.

    So that's my mix. It could change in a year or so and have some different songs from the new album as I get to hear that album more but as of know this is how it stands.

    So what is you ultimate VH mix.

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    Oy vey! The perfect thread to help me procrastinate my midterm studying!

    This sucker clocks in at 78 minutes:

    Runnin' With the Devil
    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    Jamie's Cryin'
    Dance the Night Away
    Somebody Get Me a Doctor
    Bottoms Up!
    Beautiful Girls
    Everybody Wants Some!!
    Romeo Delight
    In a Simple Rhyme
    Hear About It Later
    So This Is Love?
    Little Guitars
    Top Jimmy
    She's the Woman
    Blood and Fire
    Stay Frosty
    Big River

    Just missed the cut: Mean Street, Atomic Punk, Girl Gone Bad

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    Mine would be:

    Hot For Teacher
    She's The Woman
    You And Your Blues
    Blood and Fire
    The Trouble With Never
    Stay Frosty
    Hang 'em High
    Runnin' With The Devil
    You Really Got Me
    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    I'm The One
    Feel Your Love Tonight
    Ice Cream man
    Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    Beautiful Girls
    Everybody Wants Some

    Didn't check the time but I think it's around 80 minutes.
    Most of it is from ADKOT, one of the best albums in my opinion.

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    In no particular order:

    1. Outta Space
    2. Blood & Fire
    3. She's the woman
    4. Stay Frosty
    5. Unchained
    6. Hear about it later
    7. Bottom's up!
    8. Women in love
    9. Ain't talkin' bout love
    10. Fools
    11. Romeo Delight
    12. Hang 'em High!
    13. Little Guitars
    14. I'll wait
    15. In a simple rhyme
    16. Girl gone bad
    17. Big River
    18. Secrets
    19. Somebody get me a doctor
    20. Take your whiskey home
    21. Sinner's swing!

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    Wow so far I am the only one with Mean Street on the mix. It's VH best song IMO with the greatest riff of all time. What's wrong with you people

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    Yours truly, As Is
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    OK, making sure all 7 albums are represented by atleast 1 track:
    Runnin With The Devil
    On Fire
    Dance The Night Away
    Everybody Wants Some!
    Romeo Delight
    Tora Tora/Loss Of Control
    In A Simple Rhyme
    Mean Street
    Hear About It Later
    Little Guitars
    Hot For Teacher
    Girl Gone Bad
    You And Your Blues
    Blood And Fire
    As Is
    Outta Space
    Big River
    Beats Workin

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    Great thread

    Hey there Jawsfan2000, you come up with the most interesting questions...

    Again this one made me think...alot! And that is hard for me at the end of a looooooong day!

    In order:

    As is
    Ain't talkin bout love
    Mean street
    Everybody wants some
    House of pain
    And the cradle will rock
    You and your blues
    Dance the night away
    Drop dead legs
    Blood and fire
    On fire
    Bottoms up

    Now I wanna go back and what others' ultimate mixes look like...

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    It pained me to leave out Cathedral, Spanish Fly, Mean street and Dance the night away.
    Also, Beautiful Girls & Loss of Control.

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    ...And the cradle will rock, too.

    First ever song that made me fall in love with VH!

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    Yours truly, As Is
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    Aug 2011
    Starwood, WA or is it Gazzariville?
    The more I think about mine: it was hard not putting in SGMAD, Light Up The Sky, Outta Love Again, Fools, "Dirty Movies", Sinner's Swing, ATBL, Atomic Punk, DDL, House of Pain...man, where do you stop?

    Shit, forgot about She's The Woman, HBSD, and China Town!!??

    Aarggh! Hang Em High!



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