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    RC Booster Limited Edition Copper

    I finally pulled myself together and spent money I don't have..yay me!

    I've been wanting one of these for just about 3-4 years, alas someone like me always had less important stuff to waste my time and money on it seems

    I think I asked peeps on this board a few years back if any of you had ever heard one...but just can't be arsed with checking back through my posts to see if anybody answered.


    I can honestly say that I've never ever heard a booster pedal that sound as good as this one. Ever tried a 50w Marshall and felt it sounded a tad bit thin even through 4*10s? Plug this box in between your guitar and amp, and somehow it's possible to make it feel like a 100w amp. I can't even describe it, but I reckon I'll be using it the same way as I guess Scott Henderson does. It'll simply be 'on' at all times and not merely used as a booster.

    I'm telling you guys..grab your fav guitar, venture down to the nearest guitarshop that's got one of these(or one of the other boosters from Xotic) lying about the place - plug your guitar in a crappy(!) amp.. play for a while, then try this in front of the amp. I was gobsmacked!

    Maybe you heavy rock six string slingers won't find it as useful but that's only because you love the scooped sound


    PS: The serial number is 113 - I soo would've wanted it to be 112, since in Denmark that's the equivalent of 911. Oh yeah.. you are more than welcome to note that's utterly stupid :P

    *EDIT* BTW - it doesn't matter jack if it's one of the limited editions or not. They don't do anything the standard doesn't do - apart from a bit of shininess. I only got the copper edition because the shop that promised to hold on to one for me didn't have a standard one and offered it for the same price.
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