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Hey its DINO! You wouldn't happen to have brought Ron with you by any chance? I havent seen or heard from him in a while
I just saw one of Ron's old threads revived and was thinking the same thing.

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Does eBay ever mention anything about your item being reported by another member? Just looking through the ebay guide, it's as easy as "someone" clicking report: policy violation, keyword violation (misleading brand - EVH, Charvel, etc.) Also, eBay is more likely to end an auction or issue a warning if you've violated in the past.

Given the fact that other auctions continue with the same Brands listed in the Title - such as: evh frankenstrat replica - without being yanked leave me no choice but to agree with you that you're being targeted.

You should try listing a plain start with a bunch of EVH keywoords to see if runs to the end without a violation.
eBay never mentions that it was reported by another member but I would have to guess that this is how the "system" works. I don't believe eBay themselves, seek out auction violations unless maybe a seller is a habitual offender (which I am not).

I don't take it personally as my eBay username isn't "DinosGuitarWorks" or anything that could identify me as "me" (until I posted this ). It's more likely the guitar that grabbed someone's attention, whether it be ELVH, a fellow builder who has had similar auctions shut down, or maybe even a seller who currently has an EVH guitar (Art Series, maybe) up for auction and doesn't want mine listed as competition.

Yes, I believe the auction was targeted.