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hello all friends
Welcome to the ClassicVanHalen.com.
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    hello all friends

    I am new here and I like watch TV and listen to music and the favorite sport is the tennis. and on the holiday, I like to travel suce as Huangshang, the Great Wall and etc.
    I like to watch the Catoon, the favorite is Prince of Teenis and Cardcaptor Sakura and Dete ctive connan. those catoon feautres are lovely so much. an I love them very much.

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    Hello jeanne65, welcome to forum! I also like tennis, I did a post about tennis star John McEnroe, and guitarist Eddie Van Halen, I hope you enjoy!

    Eddie Van Halen & John McEnroe - Years 80's, 90's, 00's

    Enjoy yourself.
    Van Halen Blog 2.0 (New Blog):

    Van Halen Blog 1.0:



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