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Van Halen 2010 Tour....news leak
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    Van Halen 2010 Tour....news leak

    Van Halen Tour?

    Posted on Wednesday September 9, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    Van Halen will hit the road in 2010, Ticketmaster Entertainment CEO Irving Azoff announced during the 2009 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference Sept. 9.

    This was not expected to be the time when the next VH tour would be announced, but some lines got crossed and the information was brought during the Q&A.

    Azoff also announced TM plans to unveil interactive seat maps in the fourth quarter followed by dynamic ticket pricing in 2010 and praised the company’s initial moves into paperless ticketing.

    Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, who joined Azoff for their first ever co-presentation at the conference, echoed the need for more dynamic pricing in ticketing and called LN’s no service fee Wednesdays offering this summer a success, garnering 80 to 90 percent approval ratings in exit surveys with fans.

    The principals remained fairly mum about the pending merger deal, however both expressed hope they’ll see closure by the end of the year.

    --Dana Parker-McClain

    Got this info from another poster on RF, thanks Craig!

    "The world's a stage, and I want the brightest spot. "
    -David Lee Roth

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    I have been trying to watch my language lately but screw that! This is fucking amazing news!

    Thanks DLD!!!

    "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" - Spock

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    Interesting. If true, I guess Wolfie won't be going to college eh?

    Anyway, I'll believe it when I see tickets going on sale. Time will tell.
    Go RAMS!

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    I'm hoping it is late 2010, so they can put out a new album. My guess will be no new album, but the same ol' cash grab.


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    That's some hopeful news. Thanks for sharing!
    Why don't you have some cake? - Rev. Moore, Footloose

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    Yes!! That is some happy news! I hope, like Doc, that they put out the new album beforehand - I can't see them doing another monster tour with nothing but the 6pack from which to choose....Late 2010 would give them enough time....Let's go Boys!! Amaze us!!! I dare ya!!

    ~~thanks for the news DLD!!
    remember....after the fire, after all the rain
    i will be the flame.....

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    Exclamation ...

    Damn! Cool news!

    Thanks for sharing both info and link, DLD.
    Wolfgang Van Halen - "I love being a bass player. It’s just me and Al — a groove section. Just boom, boom, boom, and we’re good". GW
    Edward Van Halen - "What is next for Wolf is the next record and the next tour. He’s no different than I am. Music is his life. If he goes back to school, I’ll probably go with him.” GC

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    Yess! An Awsome album, kinda like the good old six pack days! No "trying new sonds" crap ,no concept album, and no VH4 (VH3 part 2). Just good old good times and the brown sound! And a tour with it

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    If they tour again, you can bet that they'll once again trot out the classics for another cash grab. Once was bad enough without Mike, but to take advantage twice? C'mon, only a fool would pony up now. Without offering or touring on new music, you're just going to be gypped. Ed keeps talking about working on new material, but think back as to how long it takes him to do so. The amount of time between albums usually means years in Ed speak. Having anything new in 2010 seems a million miles away for him. Check this out:

    Ok now on to the Mighty Van Halen. Here is the deal. What I think some people do not realize is that DLR (as much as we whole heartedly want to believe is back) is NOT a member of Van Halen. The only difference between DLR and Michael Anthony is that DLR is being paid a whole lot more, many times over what Mike was and will ever be paid. With that said, there has been somewhat of a slow progression with Van Halen recording new tunes because it seems DLR wants to do a balls out Van Halen rock record with Brendan O’Brien producing while EVH is still in the mindset where he feels Van Halen should look to make music that shows growth and have more food for thought. That is why EVH is really only referring to him Al and Wolfgang when he speaks about practicing and touring. He never really mentions Dave as a for sure thing. From what I have witnessed and what I have been told, it’s pretty clear that DLR is looking to put Van Halen back on track to its traditional music form but EVH is the one holding the cards and ultimately what he says goes. Also don’t be surprised if we soon start hearing rumors that a new Van Halen album will consist of all-star singers as EVH has recently been rumored to have been expressing this idea to close friends within the music industry.

    anonymous insider

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    Sum, it boggles my mind why someone like Doc can say, "We're glad your back, this board really missed you?"

    What are we missing?

    You are a constant flow of negativity, regarding VH.
    Your like that character from SNL, Debbie Downer.

    Here we have a positive thread, regarding an upcoming tour in 2010, and immediately you predict it will be a "cash grab" with no new music in sight.
    How do you know that?

    Then you attempt to back up said claims with a long-winded statement from, "anonymous poster."




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