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Kiss: Alive!
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Thread: Kiss: Alive!

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    Kiss: Alive!

    I've just been listening to this one tonight. I've been a casual fan. As far as 70's/early 80's rock goes, I've always been more into Zeppelin, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Old School Aerosmith, Classic Van Halen, Rush. But I decided to get Alive! and give it a shot. It doesn't quite have the rawness of other live albums, e.g. Live Bootleg, but it is quite an enjoyable listen nonetheless. There is a definite energy in this album, which I can totally appreciate.
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    I got into Kiss for a short while around this time last year..Alive I, and Alive II, are some pretty cool albums..I really enjoy Kissology, it has some awesome footage on it. Ace is an amazing guitarest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mean Street View Post
    It doesn't quite have the rawness of other live albums, e.g. Live Bootleg, but it is quite an enjoyable listen nonetheless.
    That's prolly due to all the overdubbing and doctoring done in the studio.

    Depending on who you listen to, the only original live material is Ace's guitar and/or Peter's drums.

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    i love Alive!

    Got to choose is just sick on this album.
    Ace has some great moments & i love Peter's solo on here.

    This is an essential live album, all the way.

    I really love Aero's Live Bootleg, as well.
    You can smell the drugs when you listen to that one, it's just so raw & loose.
    Perry sort of throws in random licks whenever the mood strikes, but he & Brad always have each other's backs.
    Joey kramer is amazing on this record!

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    Kiss Alive is burned into my brain. When I was a young lad, my friends sister had Kiss Destroyer as it was the new album. I was obsessed with the album cover and the song Detroit Rock City.
    I convinced my mom to buy it for me. When we got to the store, the only thing they had was Kiss Alive. So I got that.
    When I first heard it, I couldn't relate to it because it was so generic and bland. But the pictures were so bizzare and unsual. Over time, I gradually got into to it until I now know every note of those discs. I may have listened to it everyday for a few years.
    At 41, I bought it at Best Buy. When I put it in my car disc player, it put me into a glorious trance.
    I love that Album.

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    When I was six or seven my older cousin gave me his Kiss Alive double LP that had a few scratches and a big chip on the second album. I put that on my little mono record player that had previously been the home for Star Wars read-along-in-your-book records. Kiss is all I thought or talked about for two years after that. He also gave me the posters that came with the record, and I couldn't go past a convenience store without begging my parents to stop and give me some money to buy some Kiss bubblegum cards. Weird that my next big musical hero would be Waylon Jennings.

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    I went from Kiss to AC/DC to Aerosmith to VH.

    Those were my big ones!

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    Alive is a classic!!
    The first record I ever bought.One of my favorite live records of all time.Boots included.
    Cold Gin,Rock Bottom,Black Diamond...Kiss at it's best.

    Bought Kiss Alive 2 in '77 and shortly after it was bye bye Kiss,Hello Van Halen!

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    Rock Bottom is just awesome, from that moody intro to the 'hit 'em in the nuts' meat of the song.

    KISS had some killer songs, man.
    I thought they had great riffs & choruses.

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    Couldn't agree more,there's some great riffs all over those early records.
    Don't know why they don't get more respect from the musical stand point.They're more known for the spectacle of Kiss,makeup,stage show..ect.
    The music was quite good.



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