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Thread: British Steel

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    Quote Originally Posted by unchainedguitars
    Ahh, 1980...the best year ever for Heavy Metal!

    I was a massive Priest fan, i mean i had everything (i had to).
    Screaming was the first taste, then i went back & got Point of Entry & British Steel. I still love Point of Entry, as it's so underated.
    After that, i hit Sin after sin, Hell bent & Stained Class.
    Stained Class had a very profound effect on me.
    That album really spoke to me, and it had a very melancholy vibe to it, though heavy. I was obsessed with Stained Class for like a year!
    Sin after Sin was awesome too (call for the priest, a killer song!)
    Hell Bent didn't move me, it was too upbeat.
    Unleashed in the East defines metal to me.
    Live or not, it is just freaking incredible (Green manalishi, Sinner, Diamonds & Rust, Running Wild, Tyrant...My God!!)
    Defenders was the last one i bought as a kid.
    Turbo was too pop & Painkiller was too abrasive.
    1980, British Steel, Iron Maiden, Back In Black, WACF, Heaven and Hell. Yeah. Great year.
    Hey Hey Mama said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove

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    Plus tons of NWOBHM bands from across the pond (Maiden included!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mean Street
    1980, British Steel, Iron Maiden, Back In Black, WACF, Heaven and Hell. Yeah. Great year.
    You forgot "Ace Of Spades"!!!

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    British Steel is a Great example of a Metal Record! Not a bad song on there. It's so well rounded. It's blows away anything that the new metal bands come up with today. Rob's voice is superb, along with Glenn and KK's guitars. I just heard Living After Midnight on the radio the other day, and that song STILL gives me goosebumps. Grinder, Metal Gods, United.....Classic Priest Rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highway Star
    You forgot "Ace Of Spades"!!!

    And Saxon!!



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