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    Quote Originally Posted by EVH_Erupted View Post
    How do I know it's on the harddrive? Or if it's fucking downloaded?

    I'm trying to download a few clips with videodl.org, but I don't understand the instructions.
    I tried that too. The easiest way is get get Firefox, and then Youplayer.

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    ..I don't really feel like getting Firefox...but I'll do it.
    Ready, Eddie!

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    You should. It works better than any of the other browsers out there. You'll be happy you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panama's meanstreet View Post
    I should add that there is a batch function, and you can now download the whole suite by DVDvideosoft. Free. Just specify all the links, clean up the new files when done.

    Definitely cut your teeth, there.

    As Youtube begins leaning towards a paysite, load up. Get ANYTHING that gets you shits & giggles.
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    Er, do you really think youtube is gonna turn into a pay site? I hope not cause I can't afford it.
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    Saving Youtubers To Your Hardrive

    IDK so Im just going to say the YouTubers I know so yall can pick.
    Jake Dragon123
    King Loki
    Toontown Telegraph
    Coach Zucchini
    Any I dont know or didnt put? Tell me



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