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    Hey, man! What's up? Hope everything is just fine.
    Thanks for the wishes - much appreciated!

    WHOA! Not even UG is here anymore? That's bad!!!
    I thought he would be the last in here and still posting stuff.
    Let's wait and see and maybe he and some old fellas would come around.
    Anyway, it's good to come back to post here - I missed it a lot and it was pretty bad the years I wasn't around posting on the forums.
    Funny to mention - I was around reading and I decided to test and see if I was able once again and voilá - the shit accepted my post
    and I was more than happy.

    Been listening to a lot of different stuff - Racer X, Genesis, DT, Gary O, Weezer, Smiths, you name it!!!!

    See ya! Best wishes and a Happy New Year, man! Cheers!
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    Funny new avatar ... What the hell is Freddy doing trying to play guitar? Hehehe!

    How are you, man? Hope all is fine! How about your Christmas? Plans for 2016?
    I wish you and your family all the best in 2016! Happy New Year, man!

    See ya!
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    Hey, man! How are you? Hop all is fine.

    Chrome is NOT helping me as well .... Damn, I stil can't post here
    while I'm working.

    BTW, Cowboys is a killer record - don't listen to Unchained, hehehehe!
    Oh, FBD is a nice record as well.

    See ya!
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    Hey Jack, i'm going to message you instead of typing it all here!
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    It was his sister's only child.
    That's a hard thing to be associated with, having that kid, a fan of your band, lose
    his life at your show.

    I kinda thought Pantera was overated as well.
    Early Dimebag was great, purely on a guitar playing level.
    He was a great lead guitarist, wearing his influences proudly on his sleeve.
    Towords the end, the guy got so bloated & worn down looking.
    It looked like he was drinking heavily constantly.

    Having said that, i still think "Far beyond driven" is a fantastic metal record.
    I absolutely love things like 25 years, Becoming & Shedding skin.
    I think Vulgar & Cowboys are overated, though.
    There's a lot of filler, especially on cowboys.
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    "We" meaning our team, The Patriots.

    That doc got me back into Lamb of God.
    They were on the verge, next level, but then they kinda lost their focus.
    I was thinking they could have taken the torch from Pantera.

    Their musicianship was off the charts, and they had a real natural creativity
    that never felt contrived.

    But the doc is so good & moving, as well.
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    Def get it, man, it's really good!

    I actually watched it online for free via Vod locker (video on demand).
    It's on there for streaming in HD.

    We're coming there for the superbowl!
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    Just watched the LOG doc: As the palaces burn.

    It was fucking amazing & so engrossing, with a little twist towords the end.
    I have much respect for that band, and especially Randy.
    You can tell, at heart, they are really good human beings.
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    Happy New Year! I guess you ARE already in 2015!

    See ya!
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    The planet is amazing.
    From Desert to the wild woods, such incredible contrast in enviorment.
    I love how when you look at the landscape of Mars, it's basically like Arizona or
    I hope to God they build a Walmart on Mars, in my lifetime!

    Poor Isis, i had no idea!
    Of course, their choice for their new 'best of' CD was not too swift.
    They called it, "Heads will roll, Isis from Boston to LA."
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